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[SasuNaru] Pants


This journal, I'm afraid, may no longer be updated. Yes, you heard it right, no longer updated. Frankly speaking, I'm just sick of LiveJournal's shitty updates (what the fuck are those "updates", more like "fucking up") and so decided I'll pretty much abandon this journal. I've made many awesome and lovely memories with this journal, but I decided this is time to wrap it up here.

Now, this means all my future posts will go to my new site, but all the old posts and the journal itself all remain here, and will be untouched so feel free to...go back to them? idk why but yeah they'll still be here.

If you'd like to keep stalking me, feel free to RSS my new page or just subscribe to email updates.

~ For those concerned about translations ~

I know many many of you on my list want to read only translations. Don't worry, it is continued and will be at my tumblr. I will not update this LJ with blog posts or translation stuffs. In fact, I haven't updated this LJ with translations in a long time so...

BUT over at the new site, I will ALSO post translation posts with blog posts too! So you can just choose to find me at one single site, if you wish, or stalk them both separately, it's up to you.

That's about it all. IN SUMMARY, basically, this journal will go kapoot. The places you can find me are at TUMBLR/TWITTER/NEW SITE. But thanks everyone for sticking with me so far, and all the comments! All the v-gifts too! You have all been lovely. <3

If you've got anything else to ask feel free to. :P
31st-Dec-2020 12:02 am - *gasp* Are you interested in me?
[Gintoki] Hai

This post points you to translations you need.
I might add based on interests (more info at profile)
Instead of adding me for translations, you can my journal if you have a journal (more info here)

Managing communities?! But I'm lazy...!Collapse )

Translations/summaries done alone, not checked overCollapse )

Translations for groups/Groups I belong toCollapse )

Dropped scanlations/summariesCollapse )

If you have further queries, look at this FAQ and see if it'll answer your questions.
Or, ask using Formspring!

Translations/summaries are public posts!

[Paako] Cute smile
Also realize it's 1st of April.

Jk nyahaha.

Also, who's… still around?

ETA: Thought I should include a link to my latest update.
14th-Jan-2014 12:16 am - Oh boy
[Gintoki] eurgh
Didn't think I'd come back here for a loooooong time...

But some particular group is back (here). And back to be a bitch again lol.

But, it's not to say this person can be 100% terrible. There are a few horrible groups out there who decide to fully shut and not give two shits about new readers and all. (And some fucking ridiculous group *coughs* you know dat group who called me the fuck out in her own personal journal haha cough* that has the rule "do not mention us on the internetzzzZZZZ oK" bullshit yes afasicnasd however i spell your name i'm looking at you)

Although, fret not because if you shut, someone else is bound to come along, make a new group and do what the closed group is doing. This is why I dislike LJ, and some really haughty scan groups. It's true, though. It's the internet. You can't put something here and expect everyone to obey it. I've learned it, and that's why there are barely any rules I bothered. It'll make us all free and give us all less pain.

The less you try to control, sometimes, the better everything is. /o/

This is why this thing called "scanlations" isn't worth putting a dime into. Everything goes to shit in a short time, and the momentary happiness you feel isn't a fulfilling happiness at all. It's short-term and not worth it.

Splodey is for some reason using LJ to blog in the longest time. It's odd, and still shitty as ever. She's back here and full of vinegar.
[Paako] Cute smile
I've forgotten to post Rainy Day, another MakoHaru doujinshi. So, uh, decided to just make 1 post and all. Also, released Shisei Gokumon chapter 1 with bangaqua so Happy New Year, more BL for this year!

Click on the individual pictures to the posts!

Enjoy the releases! More BL is great~ Also, I uh.... yeah watch this.

Man idk LJ is just weird now to use the scrolling when posting an entry is not very nice. :\
[Paako] Cute smile

So we released a MakoHaru a few weeks ago, but in case anyone's missed it you can grab it by clicking the link above~ Feel free to link others to our post and stuff~ Update us on your yaoi release update community or blog etc if you'd like too~


Rotten Scans still needs your help!!!!

Rotten Scans is looking for

We have tests for the translator and cleaner positions which can be downloaded from the links given above. None for typesetters, but if you’ve typesetted before, please show us an example or two! (We have some MakoHaru projects and manga like Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou and Shisei Gokumon to translate~) For more info please do not hesitate to email us! Please reblog! It’ll help a lot, thanks! <3

Contact us by email: rottenscans[at]gmail[dot]com OR use our contact page!

Please repost this or tweet etc! It'll really help!

2nd-Nov-2013 02:57 pm - Hello~ More help needed~
[Paako] Cute smile
Hello! Unfortunately this isn't a journal update, nor am I moving back here. I've updated my wordpress recently with more Japan stuffs tho, so feel free to check them out.


(You can choose to be a guest staff, you don't have to stick around as permanent staff.)

You will be working on Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou (not alone, don't worry), BUT seeing as our doujinshi count has gone up, you will also be taking on doujinshi. So we're tackling on doujinshi first.

We have these that you can pick from:

MakoHaru (probably 2 of them that we have)
HijiGin (only 1)
Kurobas (only 1)
UtaPri (only 1)

Check out our project list here~


Translator's test  | Cleaner's test

We don't have one for typesetters, but if you have anything to show, please do send them in via email: rottenscans[at]gmail[dot]com. If you need to know more about what each role does in our group, click here.

If you can, please help reblog. I'm posting on LJ because maybe some of you are still active and would like to see these works translated a bit faster. :'D

[Paako] Cute smile
Wordy post copypasta'd from our Rotten Scans site, but feel free to just absorb it anyway~

  1. We have THREE new sparkling MakoHaru projects, again generously provided by nyanko44! <3 We hope you look forward to them! Details are on our Current projects page.

  2. If you haven’t checked lately, we’ve held on to 2 other MakoHaru doujinshis for awhile – both translated, but Oboreru is at typesetting stage, while Rainy Day still needs to be cleaned.

  3. I'm starting on translating Shisei Gokumon, FINALLY. That is a joint with bangaqua~

  4. As wordpress shows us stats, we can roughly see where our visitors are from over the course of the time we’ve set up our site. So, we have decided to have our FAQs translated into the following languages: Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, and Spanish! We’re doing this because we thought it’d be a great idea to have a language that some people are more comfortable reading in. Currently, we have translators for Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and Spanish, but the spot for Korean is still left open. So if you’d like to help, please let us know by leaving a comment or emailing us (rottenscans[at]gmail[dot]com). Alternatively, if you’d like to offer to translate it to another language that isn’t listed here, please feel free to also contact us.

  5. If you look at the sidebar on our site, we have 2 little buttons there. The one on the left is made by Hoka, lovely leader of bangaqua, and the other made by our awesome editor, Minato~ So feel free to use those buttons to link to our website!

  6. Last but not least, CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR FORUM! We would love more people around to liven it up~

Yep. That's it for updates! I might forget to post here at LJ, or just not be bothered to, so feel free to share our site to any BL release update sites so they can track our updates/releases. Or just simply join us at our forum for updates, or go to our site and bookmark it/RSS it etc~ Our releases are all open and public, and you shouldn't pay to read them!

[Paako] Cute smile

So, hello everyone! Figured I’d give some updates with our projects and stuff. We’re a tiny group, and we’re all lazy and we have lives so we’re really slow. But no apologies on that heh heh we promised that we’d deliver at a slow rate. ;D


  • Added 2 new projects, a Minazuki Akira one and a Tiger and Bunny doujinshi (both generously given by Hoka, BangAQUA’s head~)

  • Might need an experienced typesetter to join us for any future projects (anybody else is free to join really except I can’t assign any work at the moment, so if you’re the kind who likes to be pressurized with projects then we may not be the team for you :’D)

  • Need scans too if we want to move forward~

  • FAKE is a joint project with BangAQUA and they’re doing the typesetting now, so please wait!

  • Next projects to be started on is Shisei Gokumon (with BangAQUA) and very possibly This World, the KHR doujinshi!

Currently Splodey is still busy, because ahaha she hasn’t actually left Echochi so actually there’s a two-shot Minazuki Akira with Echochi coming up soon so~

If interested in joining us, or any inquiries about projects etc, or just a chat feel free to contact us or just leave your comments behind!

Thank you for all the follows and RSS, and see you in the next release. ;D (Hope you enjoyed the credit pages in our latest release, heh heh.)

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