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[Caps] KuroMyu II - Part 2 
25th-Nov-2010 12:46 am
[Paako] Cute smile
More caps, of like, 80+ now. There were originally 96, but then Photobucket failed me. =.=;; Don't like their uploader too much but it's still okay.

This now stops just right where Viscount Druitt comes in, before where we see the actor, Fujita Rei, AKA our Viscount spew perfect French. Which I don't understand - sorry! :X

I hope these caps + explanation actually help you guys understand it a little more, if any of you watching it come across my journal. :D

PLEASE NOTE that lots of the translations for all four parts are general ideas of what they are saying and not all are exact dialogues of what they said. Please wait patiently for the subs to be released!
I'm NOT the one subbing this, PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT IT.

We start off with Abberline who is at a street-setting. There are some bystanders who come by and chatter and look around.

The guy on the left is Sharp Hanks, who er, well is a reporter. He wants to talk to Abberline, but then Abberline is in deep thought and thus does not notice Hanks.

And then, he just had to do the above to get the attention of Abberline. Abberline introduces himself, of course, as "Abberline". And as usual, people seem to have a knack for calling him the wrong name, as with the previous musical. Hanks calls him "underline" (pfffft lol!) and Abberline is of course, offended as you can see below.

He corrects himself that he is "Abberline". But then he is called "ago no line". I'm taking this to mean, "line of the chin". Because "ago", 顎 translates to "chin", or "jaw" but "chin" would be more appropriate in this case. It may refer to where some people have chins that have a line there. I have an uncle who is like that. :X

Still, Abberline is offended.

Hanks laments? says that he had always been told that his chin is kinda like a butt (literally, "ketsu ago", けつ顎, which translates to er, "chin butt"), but today everything changes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that should be what he probably means...

And then they become good friends, as they both say, "Ago no line! Sharp!". I guess it's a little like a pun, where they both have some similarity, and they complement each other with their names. "Ago no line" tallies with "ketsu ago", since having a chin like a butt (like that one uncle of mine...) is like having "line of the chin". So to complement each other, they probably need something like a punchline, easy to remember and effective, thus..."AGO NO LINE, SHARP!"

And as you can see, Ciel and Sebastian are both standing on the left side of the stage and trying to get their attention but they are so distracted...

And so upon seeing Ciel, Abberline proceeds to introduce to Hanks our young bocchan. But it seems...

...like Hanks already has all the necessary information about Ciel. He knows about the year he's born, his height and weight (I think), what he likes to eat, his age and that he's "Her Majesty's watchdog". Er, I think there was also mentions of what he wears on which of his fingers too, the rings? Including the position, possibly. In any case, Sebastian moves to correct him...

...that Ciel only likes the blueberry *somethingsomething* that he makes. So Hanks makes the correction quickly. Ciel is swift to inquire about the case of the death of the ladies. Of course, Abberline being a comedic character...

...gives everything away as Hanks watches in horror.

Hanks then goes on to include the profile of even Abberline, that he's made this mistake of slipping the tongue the 64th time. On top of that, he likes a certain kind of pudding (I'm not good with English food...). Abberline makes the correction that he likes the ones that his mother makes.

Abberline tries to chase after Ciel, but he says, "As expected of Her Majesty's watchdog - even running away is that fast..." Hanks makes some annoying comment that Abberline didn't like and again, this face appears...

xD Good for capping, isn't it? Anyway, Abberline decides that he should do this alone, but then Hanks exclaims that without Abberline (ago no line), he can't do anything if he is just "sharp" alone. And so, we get a repeat where Abberline runs towards Hanks and does something like a Titanic.

"AGO NO LINE! SHARP!" < comedic relief to the max.

Then, they decide to go and investigate the case. But er, they're a little uncoordinated...as shown below...

Anyway, the scene shifts to the second level where Ciel and Sebastian discuss a little about the case as the people on the main stage just below clear off to ready the props for the Undertaker scene.

It seems like Sebastian himself...

...can't resist doing it. He probably thought he could do it better than those two. They stay around and then the scene continues to shift. We see a coffin, and then from the coffin, a chuckle...!

None other than our Undertaker. :D With long pretty nails.

He emerges from the coffin with a smile. He assumes he knows what Ciel has come to visit him for.

Nah, not for a cookie. Ciel is unimpressed. But of course, Undertaker knows exactly what Ciel wants to know - about the dead bodies of the females related to the chain of murders. As usual, he requests a good, good joke. A good satisfying joke that will make him thrilled.

Our butler of course, is left to the job. He says, "Sore de wa, shitsurei shite." It should translate to "Then, excuse me" or something like that.

I'm sorry, but I have completely no idea what is up with his actions and the words. Unless he meant "Allow me to be rude", then perhaps the clasping of his hands right in front of his groin area might have a new meaning...hmmm...

Undertaker is unamused, but hey, he proposes that he wants something different. He wants "love". Ciel stutters and wonders what on earth. Undertaker spins around and comments that he wants to be held and feel love.

As the butler of Phantomhive, what is he to do if he can't even give some "love"? < yeah, kinda what he said. And thus...

He gives it to Undertaker. The song and lyrics can be found at THIS VIDEO. So more of them are just some caps for you guys to enjoy.

I really admire the trust between the dancers and Matsushita. He stands on there steadily while they shift that mini platform around. That's really rather amazing. If you watched the backstage, the guy playing Druitt almost fell because he didn't get his footing well. Well he did, but he rolled and got up quickly, so he fell the right way with no pains.

The dancers hail Hitler.

Sebastian's really just putting his hand around the face and kinda like...er, fishing it up. Oh god, I dunno how to explain it. Whatever it is, it's a very seductive move...*waggles eyebrows*

The song is finished~

And Sebastian thanks the dancers for their hard work as they exit the stage. He then also, thanks the audience.

If you think about it, enka-type songs are rather difficult to sing. One notable singer for enka who does it well is HIKAWA KIYOSHI, an extremely young enka singer. If you're interested in enka songs, or would like to experience at least those, have a listen to THIS SONG HERE. If you've heard them before, once you hear this song, you'll know Matsushita's voice is not entirely suitable for enka-type songs. But he's definitely given his best!

Undertaker is so touched and happy that he spins around wheeee~ But really, Ciel asks what kind of song that was, and didn't really understand it. It's also understandable since enka-type of songs generally apply to people of older age. Undertaker's age...hah, unknown!

...Besides, that song was sung in Osaka-dialect (Kansai dialect?) so it's a little hard to really understand. I had difficulties getting the song, really. Some words I caught in Osaka dialect I understood (thank you to all the Kansai-ben people from Bleach! Like Gin~) but they were in pieces. Too difficult.

Above, "I'm satisfied..." (Manzoku shita yo...) You should really hear him when he says that. Awesome voice, he does.

And thus! He gives information about the bodies. Of course, there are no wounds, that we already know. They died an "instant death".

That is to say, "without any pain and suffering, they die as if they do not know they are dead." He also said that the deaths of these girls are "not caused by a human". This has given enough indication who the possible culprit may be at this point. Ciel also comments [to Sebastian], "It seems like it's your turn soon, Sebastian."

The scene finishes like chess pieces, and they sing a song, with Undertaker being part of the chess pieces.

Translations are at THIS VIDEO. It's quite a nice song, where everyone will sing it later.

They're done with the song, but look who appears suddenly!

None other than...

...the two who are sent to collect the souls. Well, they bump into Ciel and Sebastian, and Eric does comment that Sebastian is quite the handsome/good-looking guy. I'd like to think this is why Alan started to fight Sebastian first...

The fight ensues. Alan thinks there's no need to even chitchat with a demon like Sebastian, and of course he's rash and fights first while Eric just stands and watches.

But suddenly, his blade stops and...

...Grell appears! Alan is really just too appalled at Grell's entrance It's because Alan's condition started acting up again. Ciel realizes that Grell is standing there, and Grell greets them, but receives no response in return. She's rather disappointed.

Grell advises Alan not to overdo it, and also goes on to explain Alan's condition, called "shi no toge" (死の刺), literally "thorn of death". The cause, as she explains, may be because they are shinigami. As soul reapers, they collect souls, but some may be extremely vengeful souls, and thus this may have caused the "thorn of death" condition on Alan.

Here, Sebastian proposes that they allow the shinigami to have a stay at their house. Ciel thinks it absurd, but agrees since he knows that Sebastian probably has a plan for something.

GRELL IS THUS OVERJOYED! She runs forward to try to hug Sebastian BUT ALAS.

Sebastian skillfully side-stepped to avoid Grell's hug, thus causing Grell to crash to the ground. D:

Grell is not pleased. He does it at Ciel, who by now should be doing the "WTF" face. The audience was really amused at this, though! :D

The two shinigami couldn't really accept it, but seeing Alan's current condition, both agree to go to the Phantomhive mansion to have a rest. They follow the path and the three leading them and again, there are bystanders and random people walking around on the street.

The above is our opera singer, who has an extremely amazing voice.

I know loads of people go "WTF" at this scene where there's this ballerina who dances about both of them. It seems like the only one who can see the ballerina is Alan himself. Thus, it may be a representation of Alan's subconsciousness, or his wish that he tries to reach out to grasp but is unable to. It may even be the life that is so close to attain but yet so far, and it's just slipping away from his hands because of the "thorn of death" condition. In any case, I'm perhaps seeing too much...

I thought about the significance of 'black' as the chosen color, but perhaps there is little since they tend to have a knack for black color for shinigami. Besides, the rest of the bystanders and random people on the street don white, which will explain why they need to use black to separate the normal people and them. Of course, if you have any other particular thoughts, share them! :D

Scene shifts, and we see that the bed is already set up for Alan to rest on it.

Alan wakes up, and Eric is concerned. Asks if Alan needs water, or even brandy. Really, with that condition should Alan still be drinking brandy...? Anyway, Alan says he's fine but we can see he's not.

a second look at this cap, it seems to say: Don't raep me! He is worried about how long he can still live for - "One month? One week? Three days?" He laughs that as a shinigami, he is the one controlling death. But now, he's the one being controlled by death. He's afraid of dying. He's afraid of the loneliness when he dies. Eric tries to calm him down and say that it's because he's tired with all the shinigami work, and to get a good rest.

He breaks into a song above, and the lyrics can be found at THIS VIDEO.

Above is some really honest confession by Alan. cue gayness Alan really "admired" Eric. "Admire" in terms of shinigami abilities, of course.

And in return, Eric confesses that he "couldn't become you [Alan]." He probably refers to attitude and personality here.

Anyway, they kinda finish their talk in a little of an awkward kind of conclusion, Eric saying that "the night's going to be long". < really, I'm being serious. And then...

Grell! She comes out with nothing but a nightdress like thing, which is extremely sexy. She also agrees that the night is going to be long. She gets all sexy, and breaks into a song of her own, which can be found at THIS VIDEO.

And now, courtesy of annie_chan!

And this signals the end of her song. So she then charges...

And bumps into Sebastian. She topples over and Sebastian points the way to the toilet. Grell doesn't need it, of course.

All she needs is Sebastian for the night.

Then she walks away, saying she's embarrassed.

Sebastian comments that he does need Grell.

He picks up her shoes and pokes her non existant boobs, for some reason. She gets even more embarrassed...

...and pushes him down.

Sebastian gets up and does an "eh?" That was so cute. ♥ It seems like Grell has forgotten to shave her moustache.

Sebastian does not care for that, and gets Grell to pick up the rope again. ffff kinky

You can't see it, but he uses the heel of the shoe to hook onto the rope and pull Grell along. Below, there's a scene change and the servants are out to lay the table for breakfast!

Evidence of Sebastian's kinks and fetishes of crashing people into poles rough treatment.

They exit, and the servants are still laying out the table for breakfast, as seen below.

Once they are done, Sebastian and Ciel enter, after Alan and Eric both did. Here, they discuss the case of the deaths of those females. Sebastian immediately claims the murderer to be none other than Eric Slingby - which the man of course denies. Sebastian has managed to analyze it through "scent", or "smell" (香り, kaori).

Ciel knows that Sebastian is always right, supporting Sebastian.

They all want to know how on earth he had obtained all this information. And Grell...

She appears to be drained from last night's activities with Sebastian. She claims that last night was "hot" and all that sweat, and those hot burning words that Sebastian has left behind still reverberated in her head...

"What, is that all you've got? Your death scythe does nothing but a scratch."

She wants more, rushes forward for more and wants Sebastian to say it to her again but...

:( Poor Grell.

In any case, the comic relief is pushed aside for the moment. Sebastian analyzes what he means by "scent". I'm not 100% sure here myself, but I believe he's talking about a perfume made in Glasgow. It was on the coat of Eric. Eric says that anyone could have that kind of perfume, and that that doesn't prove anything, but Sebastian being the kind of demon who can do just about anything, analyzes even the contents of the perfume.

And the comedy relief is back. He gets Grell to help with explanations!

I'm really sorry guys, but the furthest I can go is this far. I can't make out the details, but he's definitely talking about the contents of the perfume, something about the "white" thing in the perfume that probably makes it so distinct from any other perfumes.

He also adds that on top of that, the "smell of a shinigami" is also on the ladies. (They visited Undertaker, remember?)

Since he's already been found out, Eric starts the fight, leaving Alan in shock.

Grell really wanted to join in, but was taken advantage of - his scythe was just snatched by Sebastian. :3

Look at the bottom right corner...! xD She was kicked by Eric who passed by.

They fight a little more and Sebastian slashes right across Eric, and we're shown the...

...cinematic record. Seems like only Grell and Sebastian can see it. Maybe this means the owner of the death scythe and the one who uses the death scythe can see it.

The scene is thus finished, but Eric doesn't die yet. He runs off, and Sebastian and Ciel follow, with Grell following behind. Sebastian leaves the orders that the servants were to "take care of whatever left behind". Since it's ambiguous, they wonder what he means by "take care of".

There's also a problem which Bard brought up, "What about the food?!"

...All of them then think and wonder if that means that they can have the breakfast that Sebastian prepared.

They believe that's Sebastian's message, and then happily go off.

So, the scene shifts where Abberline and Hanks appear, and they both seem to be patrolling the area also looking for information. Eric is still running and Alan is still searching for Eric.

And look who appears?!

Our Viscount Druitt, of course. He's really someone just mad in the mind and high-and-mighty, you'll see later, perhaps.

He doesn't assault the women, but he uses chlorofoam on the handkerchief and makes the lady smell it. Before this though, it was hilarious that he took the handkerchief and sniffed a little of it himself, and he stumbled. xD

A scream is heard, and the scene shifts to Sebastian and Ciel who were chasing after Eric.

Sebastian pauses to think, despite Ciel ordering to investigate upon hearing the scream. It seems like the scream of the lady does not tally with how the cases of the deaths have been reported. Ciel is also reminded of that, when Sebastian reminds Ciel of what Undertaker has said before. The ladies die as if they do not know they are dead, and that they knew no pain nor suffering. It was basically a soundless death. In fact, some of them died with a "smile" on their faces, so something like this kind of bloody scream wouldn't be a scream of happiness.

Annnndd that concludes this post. Lemme know guys, if this is detailed enough. No really, I want to know if this level of detail is good? Capping it quickly is easy, but getting down the details isn't that easy...:X

Or if such a detailed kind of post has already been done up, just lemme know and I'll probably stop. xD It's a little tiring, but if you guys want it I can continue.
24th-Nov-2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
Now that was a lot of pictures!! Very cool, thanks for posting... love how you refer to Grell as 'she' XD
25th-Nov-2010 04:48 am (UTC)
:D Welcome~

Well, she's transgendered, no? She'd like to think that she is a 'she', though she's anatomically male. xD I think that was said in the guide book or something...
24th-Nov-2010 07:27 pm (UTC)
The only reason I really, really like Kuroshitsuji is Grell. With all honesty.

25th-Nov-2010 04:48 am (UTC)
XD I love Sebastian too.

But Grell is awesome - good actress. :3
25th-Nov-2010 07:14 am (UTC)
Thanks for posting, I've read a summary of the play but it's nice knowing what they're saying in each scene. C:
25th-Nov-2010 07:21 am (UTC)
:O There's a summary for those? Hmm. I didn't know that! Maybe I'll check out the summary soon or something.

Is it on kuroshitsuji? If so that means I wouldn't know. xD I haven't visited that comm lately...do you think it'd be helpful if I posted this there as well once I'm done with the whole musical?
25th-Nov-2010 07:15 am (UTC)
^__^ thank you for sharing ^__^
25th-Nov-2010 07:22 am (UTC)
Welcome~ Was it helpful? 8D
25th-Nov-2010 08:51 am (UTC)
Is this myu not love XD I mean srusly I wonder how much these guys really get paid. XXD <33
25th-Nov-2010 09:11 am (UTC)
It's definitely way better than the first one. First one had a tiny stage like BuriMyu's Saien, and Uehara sang way too much during all the moving and fighting it got off-tune. There's much better coordination and planning here - even the artistic level has been raised! :O

Meh, usually in industries like these, their pay may be a little unstable since it depends on what kind of roles they get in which musical. People in BuriMyu and TeniMyu might be paid more since they have done quite a few musicals and these two are by far the most successful and popular. KuroMyu probably only became famous recently since Matsushita and sing and there's their awesome Grell.
27th-Nov-2010 05:11 pm (UTC)
I always thought the black ballerina was a personification of Alan's illness...

27th-Nov-2010 05:17 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that too. Indeed.

And, that GIF was awesome my love. <3
21st-Dec-2010 07:31 am (UTC)
and here I am thinking that grell really is a girl~! xD
wahaha~!! this is just too good to be true~!! xD
thankies again for sharing~! XD
21st-Dec-2010 11:44 pm (UTC)
You're welcome!

It's something Grell wants so I'd prefer to respect her wishes. ;D
15th-Feb-2011 12:02 am (UTC)
Sounds good, I like to read your blog, just added to my favorites ;)
15th-Feb-2011 04:53 am (UTC)
Oh, haha, glad you like reading this blog? XD;;
18th-Feb-2011 08:12 am (UTC)
yes this.
ah thanks finally i can understand this one. XDDD
oh and by the way i think i heard "magnolia leaf" or something at that perfume scene....
is it the ingredient?

"Well, they bump into Ciel and Sebastian, and Eric does comment that Sebastian is quite the handsome/good-looking guy. I'd like to think this is why Alan started to fight Sebastian first..."
pffffft roflmao kinda agree~~~ XDDDDD
18th-Feb-2011 08:23 am (UTC)
XD Welcome!

Not sure, I'll check it out again with the Chinese subs I got. I can understand more that way. ^^;;
18th-Feb-2011 05:05 pm (UTC)
okay ^^
sankyuu~ :>
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