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[Caps] KuroMyu II - Part 3 
27th-Nov-2010 04:09 pm
[Paako] Cute smile
Fewer caps since these bits have more fight scenes than actual speaking and fight scenes are self-explanatory anyway. Also, if you feel I have missed out certain parts that you want to know about, lemme know about it and I'll try to work on that certain bit. Don't worry - I have loads of free time on my hands now that I'm just waiting for my results.

These stop just right before the epic fight scene between Eric and Sebastian, so this stops right after where Sebastian is done bullying our earl in that pretty dress. guhhh finally done with this! One more part, and I'm done with this guide. :)

PLEASE NOTE that lots of the translations for all four parts are general ideas of what they are saying and not all are exact dialogues of what they said. Please wait patiently for the subs to be released!
I'm NOT the one subbing this, PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT IT.

So I left off from the previous post where we just see our Viscount Druitt trying to er, well capture the two ladies.

He comes in speaking in French (French, right?) and er, I don't know French so sorry about it. He might be saying things like "I'm beautiful" and "I'm awesome" or something like that, once you actually hear his song later.

EDIT: two awesome contributors have tried to help with breaking down what he said in French. Thanks to ceirwy and applegoo! He's basically saying, "Beauty is a cruel thing; it's not equally given to everyone. Therefore, those who are born beautiful must share their beauty.

What applegoo has managed to catch in French: "La beauté est une chose cruelle; elle n'est pas accordée de façon égale à tous. Par conséquence, ceux qui naissent beaux doivent [exercer ces tâches]." The [bracketed words] are the bits she's unsure of. If anyone has any idea, please do contribute and enlighten us. :'D

I'm telling you, you won't understand his personality one single bit until you really hear his song. There's that egoistical and self-centered feel with the tune, and general madness with his thinking. Basically, he calls himself, literally, a "martyr of beauty" (bi no junkyousha), 美の殉教者. I'm thinking he inflicts pain and torment to produce the most beautiful thing? He's also sadistic seeing as he carries his whip around.

He has something with birds too, and asks the two ladies to produce the sound of how a bird should do, so it's like "chun chun", chirp chirp. I'm guessing he thinks that beauty cannot be achieved without pain or torment and a good amount of training.

His song can be found here at THIS VIDEO, and you can see from the lyrics (I assure you they are correct) that he's also the high-and-mighty kind of guy, thinks of himself as the "savior". He may even be referring to religion and beliefs (his own, most likely), not only pain and torment as what the word "martyr" would indicate.

An artistic picture worth capping and icon-ing. Whoa, look at the sweat. He's having a really hard time. :X

At this moment, Eric enters and comments that that shouldn't be the way to be treating a lady. Druitt wonders who on earth he is.

These girls run forward to seek help...

...and the one in black stepped on Druitt in her running frenzy.

And in the above, he breaks into a song of his own, of course, for Eric. Song can be found here at THIS VIDEO. It's all about loneliness, and I love how the final line of both their songs complement each other.

All the while he sings, the torment goes on with Druitt running about and whipping randomly. I still do not get why, but maybe that's just Eric's little moment with himself. Y'know, kinda like a random flashback in the form of a song, while everything else still goes on.

Anyway, when he's done with his song, he tells them not to worry, since he'll "kill them without any pain or suffering". He does just that, and Druitt is absolutely amazed at what he has been able to achieve.

Druitt wonders just what on earth he is. Druitt is truly amazed by the way the two girls died, with "no stains of blood" or physical damage, nor pain on their faces.

Then, Alan finally catches up. If you were wondering why the audience laughed at what Druitt said when Alan turned up, it's really nothing funny. He just said, "Eh? What? Your friend?" Maybe it's just the quick and bewildered sort of tone and a sudden break from the tension that the audience thought funny...

Alan sees the scene before him and he's shocked. He asks why Eric is doing this kind of thing, and he thinks he has an idea of why Eric is collecting souls, though he is unsure. Eric replies that Alan will know once he's done collecting, but Alan is not going to have that. Alan at least wants to "hear the truth from your [Eric's] mouth".

They then have a little fight with each other, but then Alan's condition started working up again, so Eric punched Alan and he's fallen to the floor.

Druitt comments that "he [Alan] is pretty weak eh?" He also says that he'll follow Eric wherever he goes. it's like Eric's the new god for Druitt Alan is unable to chase after, and Sebastian comes in, and comments that those two have escaped.

The scene now shifts to Ronald and William, who are both at the topmost level.

A translation of what the two are saying:

William: That's strange. Alan's report regarding this incident hasn't come yet. What exactly is happening?
Ronald: Perhaps Grell Sutcliff-senpai is in the way again?
William: There is that possibility, but if left alone this will drag the whole shinigami haken down. On top of that, there will need to be overtime again...
Ronald: Eh~! Spare me that please! Ah well, work's almost done and it's nearly time to go home! ...Eh? Hang on...? *flips pages* The number of deaths are beginning to pile up!
William: What?

Hehe, Ronald hates working, loves partying, that guy! And, if you guys have realized, William nearly said the wrong name here, he dragged Alan's name longer, and almost said "Abberline", maybe, since it sounds like "Abbalan" when he said it.

We get to the scene where Sebastian and the rest gather back at their Phantomhive mansion. Ciel begins by saying, "Our enemy's the shinigami? That's going to be troublesome..."

It seems like a letter has reached and Ciel reads it.

Apparently, it was about some performance at an opera house, and so without a thought Ciel threw it aside, totally uninterested.

The three, however, dream of wanting to go to an opera house and listen. Grell wants to know more, but then Finny's in the way. xD

As he's holding it, Bard reads out the letter, and it seems like only "ladies and children" are allowed to attend. For males to attend, they must be accompanied by another lady. (Role reversal anyone?) Grell goes "hmph!" at Ciel and says that "only ladies and brats" are allowed to attend.

Alan then notices something amiss that the letter says "only ladies".

Above, at the second level, Druitt comments that he has especially set up this opera performance for Eric. Probably to see the beautiful painless deaths of the ladies once again, that sadistic guy.

The scene briefly shifts back to William and Ronald again. Ronald flips the file and checks the location where all the deceased are, and they happen to be all concentrated at the same place.

It seems like even Abberline has gotten information for the opera performance, and they both decide that they will go in and investigate.

Quick transitions, quick transitions! It now shifts back to Sebastian's bunch, and now Alan has finally realized that this guy called Druitt is the guy with Eric. And now our bocchan is interested in this and wants to know the location.

Now, the location is announced, from Eric and Druitt, to William and Ronald, and to Abberline and Hanks.

AHA! You must be wondering what they said that made the audience laugh! They all announced the locations, but as you can see, Abberline and Hanks have the wrong location. The location is "Crystal Palace" (kurisutaru paresu), but they said, "Crystal Boyfriend" (kurisutaru kareshi). The difference is the 'palace' and 'boyfriend' pronunciation.

The scene shifts back to Sebastian and the rest, and Sebastian comments, "Yes, checkmate by Crystal Palace."

The Black and White song is back again as seen above, and you can see it at THIS VIDEO. This time, everyone will also participate in singing.

First time seeing Finny with such a serious face. Bard just looks like he's about to laugh...:O

Ciel: It's an order. Kill the shinigami, Eric.
Sebastian: Yes, my lord.

The curtain closes, and so that concludes the end of the first part I guess. Most likely an intermission here BUT we don't get this for the DVD! It's 2 hours of awesome stage interaction and songs - who'd want a break? Of course you don't either, so I'm gonna continue this. ;D

So our classic corset scene has returned. It sounded terribly yaoi-ish and I was just amazed at how the audience managed to keep silent at that. :O

The curtain draws open, revealing...

None other than our favorite bocchan in the cuuuuute dress that we all really liked. :3 Grell herself is in a pretty dress.

She however comments that Ciel's dress is not suitable for the last waltz. She goes on and explains her dress, saying that you have to "expose areas that should be exposed", referring to her own dress. HEAR THE CHEERING FROM THE AUDIENCE. 8D

Even her dress has a meaning to it (fukukotoba) - incandescence, seeing as there are elements of red as well. Not only that, she says it also brings out the brilliance of her! And we all couldn't agree more. ;D

At this point, you wonder why the audience laughs at the exchange between Ciel and Bard. Simple:

Bard: May I pat your head, bocchan?
Ciel: I refuse.
Bard: I knew it.

It seems like Ciel's outlook reminded Bard of someone, I think, Meiko was it? No idea who that is...

Ciel asks if there really was a point for him to wear a dress, and he feels there is no need. However, Sebastian goes up to him and asks, "Are you a child, bocchan?" which Ciel immediately replies 'no', seeing as he's 13 as Hanks said when he spewed out all the information about Ciel earlier on. Sebastian also adds that in order for him to enter, he needs to go with a girl. Remember the condition stated by the letter sent? So Sebastian will pair up with Ciel, and Grell is a little miffed at that, and Sebastian suggests that Grell will pair up with Alan.

However, look who's here!

NONE OTHER THAN OUR ALAN. The audience sure is enjoying this musical so much live! Alan enters by starting with a rather...female-ish way of speech, "Sorry to have let you guys wait." (Omataseshimashita) Or it just sounds female-ish because of the way he said it.

...it's quite pretty. :O And Grell asks why on earth would he also need to become a lady. His reason was pretty much because of Eric (as anyone would expect), that he would do anything to get into that party to at least speak to Eric. And he shows his determination.

His manly determination, as follows:

By leaping from the stairs. Like a man.

At this point, Sebastian comments that even Alan looks better than Grell...

...and so in a fit of anger Grell says that she'll "bully" Alan. xD

And now since there are even more "girls" going, the three servants also get to go in order to enjoy and perhaps protect our bocchan. They are shocked and it's the first time Finny will be going to see an opera. But they have no idea what on earth they should wear.

Anyway, Ciel thought that in the end, there really was no point for him to wear in the dress but well. He still will anyway. xD They all begin to leave one by one. But no one could have possibly missed this!

Sebastian's secret chuckle. At least he's the only one who gets to bully our earl. :D

All of them leave except the three, and they still have no idea what they should wear. But there's one thing they know: at times like these when one is troubled, there is one person to consult!

TANAKA-SAN! Aaaand they run off to ask Tanaka-san about it. Who isn't even in this musical. D:

Above, we move straight to the opera house. Druitt has changed into even more awesome clothes. Eric is rather impressed that Druitt has managed to gather so many people to the opera house. Druitt says that for the sake of Eric's art (geijutsu) to happen, he doesn't mind doing all of this.

Eric asks what the program (specifically referring to music) is today, and Druitt responds, "Account of a dream of falling petals in a garden".

And then, pfft, Eric's soliloquy! He says: "That time with Alan on his first mission, we were in the garden of those awaiting death. And there, a purple colored type of flower bloomed. It's name is 'erica'. He told me the meaning of the flower 'erica'..."

Lemme explain a little, 'awaiting death' is translated from shibouyoteisha. 'Shibou' means the deceased, and 'yotei' means to expect, and so it's basically 'expected deceased', but er, that sounds like it'll ruin the syntax and to give it a darker feel since they're shinigami, I chose to use the phrase "awaiting death" to describe those who are on the "waiting list of death" I guess. Don't ask me why "garden", just probably a place they gather before they are officially listed as 'dead'.

Also, notice how the flower 'erica' just complements even Eric's name so much. 8D

Anyway, Eric is shaken from his reverie and thinking about Alan and Druitt says he's invited loads of people, including those from the higher society. And so you know those with higher social status means that people like the Phantomhive will also be there! Eric doesn't give a damn about that anyway, and just leaves. Druitt tries to call him back but to no avail.

And...I think Druitt even called Eric a pervert. But...pffft, who's the one with more perverted thoughts?! Huh, self-proclaimed "martyr of beauty"?!

And we hear a familar voice from backstage! What, THIS IS -

Before this he was going on about where Hanks was and all.

I'll just roughly translate what he said when he gets on stage, bowing and addressing people and all that:

Abberline: Ara, ara~! Excuse me! Wow so many people are gathered! Ah, hello hello! Ah, how do you do? I'm feeling desperate to a certain extent~ Oh, yes, you all are very beautiful but I feel good too. Oh, today when I was making my way here, I passed by a dog which was having a walk and upon seeing me, he vomited blood~ Hahaha! That was really embarrassing! Oh, I don't have time to be doing this! I saw a suspicious person here today.

He says that, well, the criminal must be "Crystal Palace's cleaning uncle". Well, "souji no ojisan" translates to "cleaning uncle" literally.

He goes and finally finds Hanks too - IN ALSO A DRESS. What is this - crossdressing day?! He asks why on earth Hanks also wanted to wear a dress but doesn't really get a direct answer. Hanks says that if he wanted to wear a dress, at least he wanted a light blue one (mizuiro). But then y'know, it's all green so I don't know why on earth he said that, unless he's color blind...He also says that it makes a girl's skin more white because of the light blue color. xD

But hey, Hanks says that green can let "ago no line" become more "sharp". xD Makes them a better pair of partners! ;D

The Phantomhive bunch also enter, and Sebastian comments (probably purposefully) that all the ladies here also look beautiful. This caused Grell to get jealous again, and that she won't forgive the women there.

Anyway, Druitt opens the opera!

The three above are just so amused. Finny comments that "it's like a doll." There's also that winding thing which you turn and it'll run on singing all your songs.

This is of course the same opera singer. It stopped suddenly, and they wonder why, but well, the winding like thing (which you can't see) must be turned 3 times. It's turned 3 times, but the next time she stops...

It's turned 6 times instead. And we're thrown into chaos! Ciel orders Sebastian to hurry up and kill Eric.

Sebastian reminds Ciel not to leave from the three servants or be a hindrance.

Sebastian knows that the convenience of setting up this opera performance - gather all the souls and to kill them all at one go.

Eric is pleasantly surprised upon seeing Alan. (I bet at this point he actually really wanted to laugh, despite the seriousness.)

Eric questions Sebastian that for a demon so skilled like him, it's strange that he'd follow the orders of a mere human.

Sebastian easily replies, "Even if it means sacrificing everything else, you destroy yourself just for the sake of one, you soak your hands in evil deeds. Someone like you -"

"- How can you possibly understand me?"

...Sebastian's answer is really interesting. :O I mean, the demon himself is saying things like that. Kinda ironical but also true, don't you think?

A little like the damsel in distress kind of scene here. Anyway, Alan tried to stop Eric but to no avail. He's obsessed, that poor fallen shinigami.

To add onto the chaos...

The other two shinigami, Ronald and William appear! William begins, "Eric Slingby. Really, I'm surprised. I will not allow only a dismissal for you - you are a fallen death god. On behalf of the Shinigami Haken Kyoukai, we will have to obliterate you."

Alan tries reasoning, but we know that doesn't work.

But Sebastian butts in and says that he can't have the shinigami kill Eric, because that's his job that Ciel has given.

The classic push-the-spectacle-up by William T. Spears. Makes me wanna get a zanpakutou death scythe like that to put my specs up. And anyway, he says its the business concerning the Shinigami society, and that he won't let Sebastian be in the way.

...and without hesitation, they start fighting!

Above: some awesome lawnmowing going on about. But Ronald almost bumps into Grell, who goes, "wait wait wait wait! Be careful!" I think she's going on about her dress rather than her own death scythe or herself.

As the fight goes on, Ciel is captured by Eric as hostage and dragged away off-stage. Even so, the awesome fight scenes continue!

Well, there's quite a bit of confusion and things like that between fighting. See Ronald ends up going, "who the hell are you?!" and kicks Abberline to the floor...

Our favorite Bard loves using his weapons - though it's a tad bit hazardous.

They're all pretty much done fighting when Bard fires a shot which caused everyone to er, fall, especially Abberline. Very ungraceful!

Sebastian says suave and cool stuffs, and runs off to retrieve his bocchan. Grell, who is totally going *____* at Sebastian's suaveness runs after Sebastian as well. And Abberline and Hanks who really wanted to catch Grell when she was standing between them failed miserably.

So miserable they end up in this state as shown above.

The scene shifts...

And Alan appears and confronts Eric. For awhile, I was thinking that he actually bothered to get changed. :O

Alan again inquires why Eric would need so many souls. He adds on that if Eric really wanted souls so bad, Eric could take his soul.

But it seems like Eric doesn't want this. In fact, he says that "all will go to waste" if Alan does that. Oops, the cat's the outta the bag!

Alan's suspicion seemed to be right all along - Eric was collecting souls for the sake of his "thorn of death" condition. There is a legend that if you collect 1000 untainted souls, you can actually heal a condition like that.

As you can see, the black figures are back. Someone tell me the significance of that black ballerina? :O

Eric says that the only way he could find to save Alan was this way. He held onto this thought and continued to collect souls.

Eric also comments that their lives are full of darkness. An eternity of darkness.

Alan, upon knowing what Eric has been trying to do, though the deeds have been evil, he knows and understands. He swears to stand by Eric and be with him before he disappears (dies). Just an indication to tell Eric to stop because Alan doesn't want Eric to continue committing these sins.

Alan breaks out into the shinigami song. Remember rule number 1 to being a shinigami? You must wear glasses. And here you have it, he breaks the rules by removing his glasses, signifying his resignation as a death god - to be with Eric to the end. As a friend, a very good friend. but my fangirl side does not see this as 'friends'.

Eric is beyond shocked to see that Alan has removed his glasses. Alan goes on to say that this case hasn't ended yet, and that he's still Eric's partner. Also, he (awkwardly) says it's getting hard to see without glasses, especially "your [Eric's] face is getting blurred".

Eric says that he couldn't see either, that Alan was such a stubborn person too. He wonders if he'll be forgiven for all the sins that he's committed. But for Alan, he says that without those glasses, he can't see those sins that Eric's committed.

They leave their glasses behind, and they then exit the scene. The scene now shifts to Ciel who has been tied up. Poor thing. He calls for Sebastian, and tells him to stop playing around and hurry up and come for him.

Ciel is angry (or well, pissy) that Sebastian called him a "hindrance" before this, and he asks if a servant like him should even be calling his master that. But Sebastian says that him being captured - that is being a 'hindrance'.

Maybe he should spank Ciel's butt? As a punishment for being a bad boy? xD

Basically, Sebastian says that Ciel should say the magic word whenever asking for help. In this case, Ciel barks like a dog (wan), but then Sebastian isn't the least bit pleased.

Ciel then goes "nyan" like a cat, and Sebastian is happy that Ciel knows what he likes, and asks him to do it yet again.

But Ciel tells him not to fool around anymore, and that it's time to get serious, that he has to kill Eric this time round. Sebastian finally obeys, and releases Ciel.

This scene concludes, and they both leave. The next scene is the part where Sebastian confronts Eric while Alan gets an attack again.

After this, please prepare tissues. ;~; I cried so hard for Eric and Alan's story, so please prepare some. :'D

Again, if there's anything that's left out, lemme know!
27th-Nov-2010 04:14 pm (UTC)
thank you very much for the pics and notes ^_^
27th-Nov-2010 05:18 pm (UTC)
Hehe, welcome~ :D
27th-Nov-2010 05:24 pm (UTC)

Yeah, you should totally post this on the comm. S'fun!
27th-Nov-2010 06:06 pm (UTC)
Okaaaay. I'll do it. Once I finish them. ;D
28th-Nov-2010 05:01 am (UTC) - part 3
I think you missed the part when Eric captured Ciel, held his scythe on his neck, and gets away.
28th-Nov-2010 06:42 am (UTC) - Re: part 3
:O Well, that's pretty self-explanatory?

But I guess I'll include that extra bit somewhere in there.
28th-Nov-2010 06:49 am (UTC) - Re: part 3
Now added in the extra line in between one of the pictures! Thanks for the notice. I guess that works for people who haven't watched the musical at all too.

Do lemme know which other important parts I may have left out.

Thanks~ :D
29th-Nov-2010 04:34 am (UTC) - Re: part 3
No problem and thanks for making the guide. I can somewhat understand what they said in the musical since they haven't put the english sub yet.
29th-Nov-2010 05:10 am (UTC) - Re: part 3
Welcome~ Do you know when the subs will be out? I'm thinking it'll be quite some time before it comes out...:O
30th-Nov-2010 11:56 am (UTC) - Re: The French Part
it surprised me, because the first part is very loud and clear, haha!

yyaaaaaay du monde qui parle français <3
30th-Nov-2010 08:47 pm (UTC) - Re: The French Part
I know I totally didn't expect that random bit of perfectly understandable (for the most part) french in there. It made me happy.

J'en rencontre du monde de plus en plus! <3
30th-Dec-2010 06:19 am (UTC) - Re: The French Part
I've just tried to google these words by typing the first part, but the only thing I've found was this page XD
Well, let me suggest my version, too. Maybe it's "expier ce péché"? Actually, it doesn't sound exactly like that, though I don't hear anything about cows and axes, it's more like "expérier ce pêche" :D But that makes no sense...
30th-Dec-2010 06:24 am (UTC) - Re: The French Part
Sorry, I've forgotten to translate. "Expier ce péché" means "to atone this sin".
30th-Dec-2010 10:03 pm (UTC) - Re: The French Part
31st-Dec-2010 02:11 pm (UTC) - Re: The French Part
Maybe he has forgotten the last line or something and said some random thing? I mean it's kinda wierd because he begins with good pronunciation... Anyway, since French is not my native language, I may be missing someting there.
18th-Feb-2011 04:46 pm (UTC) - Alan or Aberline?
hi hi~
is it from the first time will make his appearance on this scene?
i watched the musical once again to repeat this part,
but.... dunno, for me it seems like "Ano Alan Humphries". "that Alan Humphries.", not "Abaalan Humphries"...
:) *correct me if i'm in the wrong part x__x

ah so that's it..
so bard wanted to pat ciel's head lol. XDDDD
18th-Feb-2011 04:49 pm (UTC) - Re: Alan or Aberline?
Yeah, but the way he brought his words over sounded like "Aaabalan" instead of just "Alan". Watch his mouth. Heh.
18th-Feb-2011 05:08 pm (UTC)
*take a closer look*
pfft. maybe you're right~~ XD
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